• Binance.US won the bid to acquire Voyager Digital assets last December.
• The United States DoJ and the SEC have filed a motion to oppose the acquisition claiming that Binance.US is offering unregistered securities.
• The Voyager Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors has indicated that it will work closely with the debtors to oppose any appeal by the government agencies.

Binance Acquires Voyager Digital

Binance.US won the bid to acquire Voyager Digital assets last December, with a total payment of $20 million remitted in order to facilitate the restructuring process. Once completed, this acquisition would benefit Binance.US by bringing in more registered users as creditors are expected to create accounts on their exchange before receiving compensation for their claims against Voyager Digital.

Government Agencies Oppose Acquisition

The United States Department of Justice and other financial regulators have opposed this acquisition and filed an official motion challenging Judge Wiles‘ decision to approve it. These agencies are claiming that Binance.US is offering unregistered securities, which should not be allowed under US law. As such, they are trying to stop the deal from going through without proper registration or compliance with relevant regulations.

Voyager Creditors Support Acquisition

The Voyager Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors has voiced its support for this acquisition and believes that it is in creditors‘ best interests for them to maximize their recoveries via this deal with Binance US, rather than proceed with a liquidation plan if the acquisition does not go through due to legal opposition from government agencies..

Possible Outcomes

If successful, this acquisition would allow Binance US access to more customers through Voyager’s pool of creditors while allowing those same creditors access to secure trading platforms and services offered by Binance US at competitive market rates.. However, if unsuccessful due to legal challenges posed by government agencies then both parties may end up having to pursue other options including liquidation proceedings instead of a mutually beneficial merger or business arrangement between them..


It remains unclear what will happen next in this ongoing legal battle over Binance’s attempted acquisitions of Voyager Digital as both sides continue presenting their respective cases before a judge who ultimately holds final decision-making power over whether or not these two companies will be able move forward together or separately into future endeavors

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