• Crypto markets are approaching a crucial juncture, with the potential for a bullish breakout in the coming days.
• Popular analyst Michael van de Poppe has identified key price levels that must be broken for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other altcoins to experience significant gains.
• Bitcoin, Ethereum and Avalanche appear to be closer to undergoing a notable breakout that could spark an upswing ahead.

Crypto Market Heading Towards Crucial Juncture

The crypto markets have shown signs of recovery today, with many coins reclaiming levels close to their yearly highs. Bitcoin’s price is currently hovering above $28,000 which indicates the presence of strength within the crypto space that may soon bring positive results in the market. However, analysts are expecting massive market volatility as we approach the quarterly close and hence cryptos need to remain above their respective resistance levels if they want to see significant uptrends in the coming quarter.

Price Levels Identified by Analyst Michael Van De Poppe

Popular analyst Michael van de Poppe has identified important price levels for top tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum along with other altcoins such as Polkadot (DOT), Avalanche (AVAX), Curve (CRV), Solana (SOL) and Chainlink (LINK). For Bitcoin, he believes that it needs to break above $28,500 before reaching its target of $30,000 while Ethereum needs to break above $2,000 in order for its rally to kick-off. It is also expected that Litecoin will experience a halving rally soon while other altcoins may witness a surge of 15-25% after a successful breakout.

Bitcoin, Ethereum & Avalanche Closer To Breakout

At present time, Bitcoin is experiencing a minor pullback which may take it down below $28K again. However if this doesn’t occur then BTC will most likely breakthrough its previous resistance level of $28500 allowing it reach heights around $30000. Similarly Ethereum is also trading at around 1.813 presently but according to the latest analysis from Van De Poppe it will have to overcome resistance at 2K before being able to experience any significant upside movement while Avalanche appears much closer towards undergoing an important breakout at this stage which could lead us into another bull run in near future.


With cryptocurrencies rallying once again after weeks of bearish activity we can expect some exciting times ahead as various top tokens and altcoins look set on breaking out from their current downtrends or stagnation periods respectively. The coming weeks will surely provide us with more clarity on where exactly these digital assets are headed next so stay tuned!


This article should not be taken as financial advice as cryptocurrency investments come with risk and readers should always do their own research before investing or trading cryptos or any other asset class mentioned herewith.

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