• The global regulatory bodies may soon shift their focus onto USDT and search for a strong excuse to ban it.
• The market cap and the USDT dominance, are both falling apart and may soon reach lower support as they are both trading along the descending trend line.
• If the levels drop as mentioned above, then there is a fair chance that a significant crash may chase the crypto space.

Stablecoins Under Pressure

The traditional finance system has been hit hard due to the pandemic, leading to increased adoption of cryptos by different authorities. This has led to closer monitoring of the crypto space in an attempt to bring it under control. Stablecoins such as USDT have been used by Russia to send money to the west, evading KYC & sanctions imposed. OTC brokers have been identified in Moscow who sell stablecoins for cash without any KYC involved.

USDT Dominance Waning

As traders become more focused on Bitcoin & other altcoins, USDT’s dominance is waning and has been under bearish influence for some time now. In light of this development, authorities could use this as an opportunity to clamp down on Tether and initiate a major crash in the crypto market if levels drop as predicted.

Potential Market Crash Looms

With decreasing market cap and USDT dominance both trading along descending trend lines, there is a potential risk of a significant crash in the crypto space if levels fall further beyond current support levels. This could lead to additional problems within technology circles despite cryptos having constructive intentions overall.

Regulatory Control Over Cryptos Growing

The increasing regulation over cryptos signals that authorities are tightening their grip over cryptocurrency markets and attempting to bring them under control before they can be widely adopted by mainstream users worldwide. It is likely that stablecoins will come under particular scrutiny due to their usage patterns which could ultimately cause problems for investors if severe action is taken against them.


Cryptocurrency markets are becoming increasingly regulated with authorities keeping close tabs on developments in order to ensure stability within financial systems worldwide. If current trends continue and support levels drop further, then there is a high likelihood that cryptos could experience a major crash soon due to actions taken against stablecoins such as USDT specifically targeting them for enforcement measures or bans altogether .

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