• Crypto markets are approaching a crucial juncture, with the potential for a bullish breakout in the coming days.
• Popular analyst Michael van de Poppe has identified key price levels that must be broken for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other altcoins to experience significant gains.
• Bitcoin, Ethereum and Avalanche appear to be closer to undergoing a notable breakout that could spark an upswing ahead.

Crypto Market Heading Towards Crucial Juncture

The crypto markets have shown signs of recovery today, with many coins reclaiming levels close to their yearly highs. Bitcoin’s price is currently hovering above $28,000 which indicates the presence of strength within the crypto space that may soon bring positive results in the market. However, analysts are expecting massive market volatility as we approach the quarterly close and hence cryptos need to remain above their respective resistance levels if they want to see significant uptrends in the coming quarter.

Price Levels Identified by Analyst Michael Van De Poppe

Popular analyst Michael van de Poppe has identified important price levels for top tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum along with other altcoins such as Polkadot (DOT), Avalanche (AVAX), Curve (CRV), Solana (SOL) and Chainlink (LINK). For Bitcoin, he believes that it needs to break above $28,500 before reaching its target of $30,000 while Ethereum needs to break above $2,000 in order for its rally to kick-off. It is also expected that Litecoin will experience a halving rally soon while other altcoins may witness a surge of 15-25% after a successful breakout.

Bitcoin, Ethereum & Avalanche Closer To Breakout

At present time, Bitcoin is experiencing a minor pullback which may take it down below $28K again. However if this doesn’t occur then BTC will most likely breakthrough its previous resistance level of $28500 allowing it reach heights around $30000. Similarly Ethereum is also trading at around 1.813 presently but according to the latest analysis from Van De Poppe it will have to overcome resistance at 2K before being able to experience any significant upside movement while Avalanche appears much closer towards undergoing an important breakout at this stage which could lead us into another bull run in near future.


With cryptocurrencies rallying once again after weeks of bearish activity we can expect some exciting times ahead as various top tokens and altcoins look set on breaking out from their current downtrends or stagnation periods respectively. The coming weeks will surely provide us with more clarity on where exactly these digital assets are headed next so stay tuned!


This article should not be taken as financial advice as cryptocurrency investments come with risk and readers should always do their own research before investing or trading cryptos or any other asset class mentioned herewith.

• The global regulatory bodies may soon shift their focus onto USDT and search for a strong excuse to ban it.
• The market cap and the USDT dominance, are both falling apart and may soon reach lower support as they are both trading along the descending trend line.
• If the levels drop as mentioned above, then there is a fair chance that a significant crash may chase the crypto space.

Stablecoins Under Pressure

The traditional finance system has been hit hard due to the pandemic, leading to increased adoption of cryptos by different authorities. This has led to closer monitoring of the crypto space in an attempt to bring it under control. Stablecoins such as USDT have been used by Russia to send money to the west, evading KYC & sanctions imposed. OTC brokers have been identified in Moscow who sell stablecoins for cash without any KYC involved.

USDT Dominance Waning

As traders become more focused on Bitcoin & other altcoins, USDT’s dominance is waning and has been under bearish influence for some time now. In light of this development, authorities could use this as an opportunity to clamp down on Tether and initiate a major crash in the crypto market if levels drop as predicted.

Potential Market Crash Looms

With decreasing market cap and USDT dominance both trading along descending trend lines, there is a potential risk of a significant crash in the crypto space if levels fall further beyond current support levels. This could lead to additional problems within technology circles despite cryptos having constructive intentions overall.

Regulatory Control Over Cryptos Growing

The increasing regulation over cryptos signals that authorities are tightening their grip over cryptocurrency markets and attempting to bring them under control before they can be widely adopted by mainstream users worldwide. It is likely that stablecoins will come under particular scrutiny due to their usage patterns which could ultimately cause problems for investors if severe action is taken against them.


Cryptocurrency markets are becoming increasingly regulated with authorities keeping close tabs on developments in order to ensure stability within financial systems worldwide. If current trends continue and support levels drop further, then there is a high likelihood that cryptos could experience a major crash soon due to actions taken against stablecoins such as USDT specifically targeting them for enforcement measures or bans altogether .

• Binance.US won the bid to acquire Voyager Digital assets last December.
• The United States DoJ and the SEC have filed a motion to oppose the acquisition claiming that Binance.US is offering unregistered securities.
• The Voyager Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors has indicated that it will work closely with the debtors to oppose any appeal by the government agencies.

Binance Acquires Voyager Digital

Binance.US won the bid to acquire Voyager Digital assets last December, with a total payment of $20 million remitted in order to facilitate the restructuring process. Once completed, this acquisition would benefit Binance.US by bringing in more registered users as creditors are expected to create accounts on their exchange before receiving compensation for their claims against Voyager Digital.

Government Agencies Oppose Acquisition

The United States Department of Justice and other financial regulators have opposed this acquisition and filed an official motion challenging Judge Wiles‘ decision to approve it. These agencies are claiming that Binance.US is offering unregistered securities, which should not be allowed under US law. As such, they are trying to stop the deal from going through without proper registration or compliance with relevant regulations.

Voyager Creditors Support Acquisition

The Voyager Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors has voiced its support for this acquisition and believes that it is in creditors‘ best interests for them to maximize their recoveries via this deal with Binance US, rather than proceed with a liquidation plan if the acquisition does not go through due to legal opposition from government agencies..

Possible Outcomes

If successful, this acquisition would allow Binance US access to more customers through Voyager’s pool of creditors while allowing those same creditors access to secure trading platforms and services offered by Binance US at competitive market rates.. However, if unsuccessful due to legal challenges posed by government agencies then both parties may end up having to pursue other options including liquidation proceedings instead of a mutually beneficial merger or business arrangement between them..


It remains unclear what will happen next in this ongoing legal battle over Binance’s attempted acquisitions of Voyager Digital as both sides continue presenting their respective cases before a judge who ultimately holds final decision-making power over whether or not these two companies will be able move forward together or separately into future endeavors

• The Chande Kroll Stop indicator is a technical indicator developed by two Canadian bankers, Tushar Chande and Stanely Kroll.
• It is used to calculate the take-profit and stop-loss prices of various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether (ETH) on the crypto exchange, such as Gate.io.
• Traders use this indicator on different trading time frames such as 1M, 1W, 1D, and 6H for better results.

What is the Crypto Trade Stradges Chande Kroll Stop Indicator?

The Chande Kroll Stop indicator is a technical indicator developed by two Canadian bankers, Tushar Chande and Stanely Kroll. It calculates the take-profit and stop-loss prices of various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether (ETH) on the crypto exchange, such as Gate.io. This indicator also provides insight into real-time market volatility based on the asset’s price movements. It also calculates the take-profit and stop-loss levels using the average true volatility range of the security. Traders use this indicator on different trading time frames such as 1M, 1W, 1D, and 6H for better results.

History of Chande Kroll Stop Indicator

Chande Kroll Stop was published in their book „The New Technical Trader – Boost Your Profit by Plugging into the Latest Indicators“ in 1994 written by Tushar Chande & Stanely Kroll who are both Canadian bankers . They also developed various indicators which include Chande Momentum Oscillator, Aroon, StochRSI, and VIDYA which are widely used in different markets including Forex & Commodities markets all around world .

Calculating The Chande Kroll Stop

The stop points are derived from the high & low ranges of the indicator which are compared with asset’s average stop losses , we use following formulas: High Stop = Highest (N) x Average True Range Low Stop = Lowest (N) x Average True Range Where N is any number between 0 to 100

Advantages Of Using The Chanda Kroll Stop

Using this tool will help traders to set a good risk reward ratio when trading cryptocurrency or other assets like forex or commodities .It can bring more accuracy to your trades since it takes into account most recent trends & volatilities before deciding whether you should buy/sell an asset . Also with its aid more profits can be made & losses can be minimized .


The Chanda kRoll Stop is a great addition to any trader’s toolbox because it helps them make accurate decisions while trading cryptocurrency , forex or commodities . By calculating take profit & stop loss levels with its aid , traders have greater edge over market movements so that they can maximize their profits without taking too much risk .

• AlienFi is a DEX that integrates multiple games and NFTs into one platform.
• Users can stake, trade, farm tokens on Arbitrum and play various on-chain games.
• AlienFi has customizable staking feature that enables users to earn rewards by staking their $ALIEN tokens in different pools with varying risk and payout levels.

What To Watch Out For In 2023: AlienFi Speculated To Take The Market By Storm

Effortless and Convenient Staking Experience

AlienFi provides an effortless and convenient staking experience for its users. They are able to control their revenue stream as they have the power to stake and unstake tokens with no fees or costs involved. All of this is handled through smart contracts, ensuring the results are safe, transparent, decentralized, and equitable.

Get Complete Command of Your Assets

Users have full control over their assets when using AlienFi’s staking pools. They can choose to stake or unstake tokens from flexible staking pools at any time or lock their assets in time lock staking pools for a fixed period of time. Both options are available from the flexible staking pools.

Benefits of AlienFi Pools

The customizable staking feature offered by AlienFi allows users to maximize their rewards by selecting different combinations of risk and potential payout level when they stake their $ALIEN tokens in the various available pools. There are also no lock-up periods so users can choose how long they want to keep their coins staked for at any given moment.

Earn More $ALIEN Tokens Through Staking

Users may also earn more $ALIEN tokens by participating in the various available pool stakes – the prize token could be either $ALIEN itself or any other partner’s token depending on which pool you join. Staking is a simple way to increase your earnings from your $ALIEN holdings regardless if you obtained these coins via yield farming or purchasing them directly from exchanges.

• The SEC is facing criticism for its lawsuit against Terraform Labs, as the punishment they are seeking is less severe than that directed towards Ripple.
• The SEC alleges that Terraform and Kwon conducted a multi-billion dollar crypto asset securities fraud, misleading investors about the stability of their stablecoin.
• Ripple has argued that XRP should be held to the same standards as Ethereum, which the former SEC chief deemed not to be a security in 2018.

SEC’s Hypocrisy Spotlighted

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is under scrutiny for its recent lawsuit against Terraform Labs and its founder, Do Kwon. Court documents suggest that the regulatory body is treating Terra and Kwon with significantly less severity than Ripple, raising questions about the SEC’s inconsistent approach to regulating the cryptocurrency industry.

SEC To Pursue Legal Action

While the SEC seeks to punish only the defendants in the Terra case, it plans to pursue legal action against Ripple and anyone associated with the company, including employees, agents, and lawyers. Ripple has fiercely defended its position that XRP is not a security, and the SEC’s actions are a response to this stance.Ripple recently achieved a minor victory when the SEC admitted that XRP is a software code and not a security. The company argues that it should be held to the same standards as Ethereum, which the former SEC chief deemed not to be a security in 2018.The case has far-reaching implications for future cryptocurrency regulation in US markets.

Multi-Billion Dollar Fraud

In contrast, court documents from the lawsuit against Terraform Labs and Kwon allege that they conducted a multi-billion dollar crypto asset securities fraud. The complaint states that they sold an „inter-connected suite of crypto asset securities“ through unregistered transactions and misled investors about compatibility of their Anchor Protocol with USTC deposits without disclosing risks involved. This serves as part of an attempt by regulators to shape how cryptocurrencies operate within US markets going forward.

Ripple’s Position on Regulation

Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse spoke on this issue at WEF 2023 summit stating that he believes XRP should be held accountable according to similar regulations applied to Ethereum in 2018 – when it was determined by ex-SEC Chief not classified as security – but applied fairly according all market participants regardless of size or influence across all industry sectors.


It remains unclear what outcome will occur from either case but one thing is certain: these decisions will have long lasting implications on how both companies navigate US regulations moving forward; with questions being raised over potential inconsistencies between perceived punishments given out by regulatory bodies between different market participants or industries alike


  • Bitcoin rose nearly 40% in the first few weeks of 2023 before plunging into a bearish well.
  • The global market capitalization also dropped and bitcoin dominance surged with a jump of 0.11%.
  • Amid the rise of AI-based tokens like SingularityNET, Fetch.ai, The Graph token etc., Bitcoin holders continue to remain under huge profits.

Top Reasons Why Bitcoin Traders Continue to be in Profit Amid the Prevailing Bearish Trend!

Bitcoin (BTC) rose nearly 40% in the first few weeks of 2023 before plunging into a bearish well. With this, the global market capitalization also dropped finely and may hit the threshold of $1 trillion in the days to come. Meanwhile, bitcoin dominance surges with a jump of 0.11% in the past 24 hours, reaching 41.24%. The growing dominance reflects the market following the trend triggered by star crypto that appears to flip the bearish trend any moment from now.

Catalysts Pointing Out A Notable BTC Price Rally

Moreover, amid the rise of AI-based tokens like SingularityNET, Fetch.ai, The Graph token, etc., Bitcoin holders continue to remain under huge profits. Below mentions are the catalysts that point out a notable BTC price rally which is fast approaching:

  • SOPR or Spent Output Profit Ratio: holds above 1.0 for the first time since April 2022 indicating that market has realized profits.
  • Realized Profit/Loss Ratio: is in profit which means it realizes a greater proportion of USD-denominated profits than losses.
  • 30-SMA Above 365 DMA: indicates an expansion of network at its highest level since 2021 and an early bull market as an uptick in daily users is recorded along with more transaction throughput.
  • Price Above 200-day SMA & Realized Price:

    Bear Market Getting Closer?

• Bitcoin price has dropped 2 percent today to an approximate of $23.4K.
• Bitcoin miners have reduced their sell pressure and whales are accumulating Sats.
• Popular crypto analyst Rekt Capital thinks Bitcoin will break the macro downtrend next month or in April.

The crypto market is abuzz as the price of Bitcoin has gone down today. After hitting its all-time-high of nearly $24k, the cryptocurrency has dropped to around $23.4k. This has led to speculations and opinions from the crypto community as to why the price of Bitcoin has suddenly dropped.

On-chain data shows that Bitcoin miners have reduced their sell pressure after taking profits in the past few weeks. Additionally, whales have been accumulating more Sats irrespective of the price volatility. This indicates that the market is still bullish and the price drop could be due to external factors.

The RSI indicator has formed a falling divergence which often leads to a price dump. Furthermore, the 50 and 200 WMAs have been acting as a support line for the past ten-plus years and may turn to a resistance line if the death cross occurs.

Popular crypto analyst Rekt Capital believes that Bitcoin will break the macro downtrend next month or in April. He recently tweeted that historically, Bitcoin tends to break the macro downtrend 366 to 396 days before the upcoming halving event. This suggests that the earliest the macro downtrend breakout could occur is in March or April.

It is worth noting that Bitcoin price is highly correlated with global market indexes, indicating that it is highly influenced by macroeconomic events. This could be the main reason behind the sudden drop in the price of Bitcoin. It is difficult to predict what the future holds for Bitcoin, but it is safe to assume that the price will be influenced by external forces.

• Apple is rumored to be entering the metaverse by releasing a mixed reality headset in 2023.
• This has caused an increase in demand for crypto metaverse tokens like AXS, SAND, MANA, and FGHT.
• Many projects are looking to explore beyond gaming and entertainment to real-world use cases.

Apple is set to take a leap into the metaverse with the rumored launch of a mixed-reality headset in 2023. This has caused a stir in the crypto side of the market, with investors piling in to take advantage of the potential profits. The demand for crypto metaverse tokens like AXS, SAND, MANA, and FGHT has been growing as the hype around the headset increases.

The ongoing developments in the crypto-metaverse sector look promising, with many projects looking to explore beyond gaming and entertainment to provide real-world use cases. This is expected to fuel the hype around the much-awaited virtual reality devices, potentially rewarding investors who bought the dips.

Apple has been toying with the idea of augmented reality for quite some time, and the launch of the headset is believed to be their way of joining the likes of Google, Meta, Microsoft, and other tech giants in the venture toward the virtual world. The exact dates of the announcement and release of the headset are yet to be revealed, however, some reports suggest that the headset could be made available in the second half of 2023.

The potential of the metaverse has attracted investors from both the crypto and non-crypto world. This is due to many projects looking to explore the potential of the virtual world and its uses in the real world. Due to this, industry experts believe that metaverse tokens are one of the most profitable crypto investments in 2023.

Whether the crypto-metaverse sector is here to stay is yet to be seen, however, Apple’s rumored AR headset has added fuel to the rally. With the potential of virtual reality devices, investors are pouring their money into the crypto metaverse and hoping to get a generous return on their investments. Only time will tell whether the hype will be met with success.

• Terra Classic (LUNC) is expected to reach as high as $0.000314 by the end of 2023.
• LUNC could surge to a maximum of $0.00212 by the end of 2030.
• Terra Classic has caught the eyes of investors with its performance and multiple factors were involved in its crash.

The crypto industry experienced a major crash when the fall of Terra almost wiped out $60 billion from the market valuation. This event has been outrageous for investors and marketers and has brought great learning to future investors. The coin has now been replaced by Terra Classic (LUNC) and investors are wondering if the coin’s 1295% surge from the fall will regain the trust it once had or if it will collapse.

Terra Classic (LUNC) is a new cryptocurrency that was created as a result of a hardfork of the original Terra (LUNA) coin. The main purpose of the hardfork was to restore the original Terra blockchain, as well as to improve the coin’s features and security. In addition, the hardfork also introduced a new consensus algorithm that is more efficient and secure.

The coin has been gaining traction with investors, as it has seen some impressive gains in the past few months. One of the major attractions of the coin is the Terra LUNC staking program, which allows users to earn rewards for holding their coins. The staking program is expected to be further expanded in the future, which could drive more investors to the coin.

When it comes to Terra Classic (LUNC) price prediction 2023 – 2025, it is expected that the coin could reach as high as $0.000314 by the end of 2023. This could be followed by a surge to a maximum of $0.00212 by the end of 2030. However, the coin does face some challenges, such as its low liquidity and high volatility.

In order to gain a better understanding of the coin’s potential, it is important to do a thorough market analysis. This includes looking at the coin’s fundamentals, historical market sentiments, and major events that could potentially drive its price.

When it comes to the coin’s fundamentals, the coin has a total supply of 7.2 billion coins. This is relatively low compared to other coins and is one of the reasons why the coin has seen a surge in its price. Additionally, the coin has also seen a positive trend in terms of its trading volume, which suggests that the coin is being actively traded in the markets.

In terms of historical market sentiments, Terra Classic (LUNC) has seen a positive trend from 2019 to 2022. This is mainly due to the coin’s increased adoption and the overall growth of the crypto market. Additionally, the coin has also seen a surge in its price due to the hardfork and the introduction of the staking program.

The crypto market is unpredictable and it is important to be aware of the major events that could potentially drive the price of the coin. The upcoming halving event is expected to have a major impact on the coin’s price. Additionally, any news of a major partnership or listing on a major exchange could also drive the coin’s price.

In conclusion, Terra Classic (LUNC) is an interesting coin that has seen a lot of growth in recent months. The coin’s fundamentals and market sentiments suggest that it has potential for further growth in the future. However, the crypto market is unpredictable and it is important to be aware of the major events that could potentially drive the coin’s price.